On Main Street in downtown Perry
Sunday morning on Main Street in downtown Perry
Taylor County Historical Society Museum

Perry was named after Madison Stark Perry, a prominent Confederate Army Colonel during the Civil War who was later elected the 14th Governor of Florida. For many years, the timber industry was very big in Taylor County, so big the Forest Capital Museum State Park is located just south of Perry.

Early in the 1900's, the Hampton Springs Resort and Hotel was built above Hampton Springs just west of Perry. The Hotel was promoted as a resort destination with healing mineral waters. Because Perry was a crossroads of several railroads, the lavish resort (with its own railroad depot) did well into the mid-1930's. From the mid 30's to the end of World War II, the site served as military barracks for pilots flying aircraft out of nearby Perry-Foley Airfield. The resort business resumed after the war and lasted until the building burned in 1954. In its heyday, visitors included Theodore Roosevelt and royalty from several Oriental countries. Today, the hotel ruins, pathways, swimming pool and goldfish pond are all that remain. The hardwood forest is slowly taking over, although the water still flows from the springs with that characteristic hydrogen sulfide smell. The water is also thick now with dark green algae...

Taylor County has taken on the job of renovating the place in hopes of making it into a new state park. There's a new bridge over the river, parking area, picnic tables and fencing in place.

Taylor County Courthouse
Taylor County Courthouse
Hotel on Main Street
Hotel on Main Street
On the corner of Courthouse Square in downtown Perry
On the corner of Courthouse Square in downtown Perry
On another corner of Courthouse Square
On another corner of Courthouse Square
Fast Facts about Perry, Florida
Perry, Taylor County, FL 32347, 32348
Latitude: 30.1143°N; Longitude: 83.5826°W
Elevation: 46'
High School or Higher: 67.2%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 9.9%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 4.4%
Median Resident Age: 39.2 Years
2013 Cost of Living Index for Perry: 81.6
2013 Estimates:
Estimated Median Household Income: $27,450
Estimated Median Home Value: $68,545
Population Density: 756 People per Square Mile
Major Industries:
Construction, Health Care, Agriculture, Fishing, Educational Services, Government, Transportation Equipment, Grocery Stores, Paper Products, Lodging & Food Services, Metal & Metal Products, Wood Products, Retail Services
Unemployed (March 2013): 9.2%
Population Demographics 2010
Total Population 7,017
Males 3,273
Females 3,744
Population by Age
Under 18 1,757
18 & over 5,260
20-24 432
25-34 781
35-49 1,278
50-64 1,428
65 & over 1,132
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 152
Non Hispanic or Latino 6,865
Population by Race
White 3,858
African-American 2,817
Asian 99
Native American 35
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 1
Other 63
Two or more 144